[Engraving by John Pye, from drawing by Robert Balmanno, printed by John Johnson (of the Lee Priory Press).] Engraving of 'Cenotaph erected at Stoke Park, to the Memory of the Poet Gray.' With text including the 'Inscriptions on the Cenotaph'.

John Johnson (1777-1848), typographer and printer (at the Lee Priory Press of Sir Egerton Brydges); Robert Balmanno (1780-1861), connoisseur; John Pye (1782-1874), engraver; Thomas Gray
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'Johnson, Typ.' 1818.

On 34 x 27 cm unwatermarked laid paper. Dimensions of plate 34 x 23 cm. Dimensions of print 5.1 x 7.4 cm. Dimensions of print and text 15 x 7.4 cm. In fair condition, lightly aged, spotted and creased, with stub from album adhering to one margin. This is an early state of a print of which the British Library has a copy (acquired in 1867) of the undated third state, dated to 1820, carrying only four lines of text rather than the substantial amount present here. The present copy has, engraved in small letters immediately beneath the print: 'Robt. Balmanno delt. 1818. Jno.

[James Mitan, engraver.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J Mitan') to the print collector Robert Balmanno, arranging an exchange of prints by Abraham Raimbach between Balmanno and the engraver Charles Heath.

James Mitan (1776-1822), English engraver [Robert Balmanno (1780-1861), Scottish author and print collector; Charles Heath (1785-1848), engraver; Abraham Raimbach (1776-1843), engraver]
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63 Warren Street, Fitzroy Place. 2 December 1814.

2pp., 4to. 18 lines of text. In bifolium. Good, on aged and creased paper, with strip of page to which the letter was attached adhering. Addressed, with red wax seal, on reverse of second leaf, to 'R. Balmanno Esqre. | 3 Middle Temple Lane Temple'. He begins: 'Having some communication last week with Mr. Charles Heath in the course of conversation he was regretting that he could not procure any proofs of plates engaraved by Mr. Raimbach - now as your Kindness gained me what I wished of his performance with an obliging offer of something more it occurred to me to solicit fom Mr.

Autograph Signatures on fragment of petition.

Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey, William Frederick Witherington, John Jackson, James Lonsdale, Thomas Christopher Hofland, Robert Balmanno
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Without place or date (but before 1831).

Four noted British artists of the earlier part of the nineteenth-century: Witherington (1785-1865), Jackson (1778-1831), Lonsdale (1777-1839), and Hofland (1777-1843), together with the sculptor Chantrey (1781-1841), and the art critic and connoisseur Balmanno (1780-1861), who left England for America in the early 1830s. Paper dimensions roughly three inches by four. Creased, and on paper discoloured with age, with show-through from remains of seal under Chantrey's signature. Reads 'J Chantrey | W. F. Witherington | John Jackson | James Lonsdale. | T. C. Hofland | Robert Balmanno'.

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