[ Pierre Alexandre Tardieu, French engraver.. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Alex're. Tardieu'), in French, to the London printseller W. J. White, responding to an offer for 'les Epreuves avant la lettre du Saint Jérôme'. With autograph note by White.

Pierre Alexandre Tardieu (1756-1844), French engraver [ William Johnstone White (1780-1844), London printseller, publisher and engraver ]
Publication details: 
'Rue Taranne No. 7', Paris. 7 February 1837.

2pp., 4to. Bifolium. Addressed, with seal in red wax and postmark, on reverse of second leaf to 'Monsieur White | Brownlow Street holborn | London'. Thirty-seven lines of text, including a thirteen-line postscript. In responding to an offer for 'les Epreuves avant la lettre du Saint Jérôme', made by White in a letter of 29 September 1836, through' Mr. Chocarne', i.e. the painter and engraver Geoffroy Alphonse Chocarne (1797-c.1857), Tardieu writes: 'deux mille francs, c'est mon Dernier prix, tant pour mon honneur que pour les intérêts de ma femme et ma fille qui doivent me survivre'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('MacDonald'), in French, to 'Monsieur le Major Walter Scott' (son of the novelist).

Étienne Jacques Joseph Alexandre MacDonald, 1st duke of Taranto (1765-1840), Marshal of France during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars [ Sir Walter Scott (1801-1847), 2nd Baronet ]
Publication details: 
Paris. 24 September 1828.

1p., 12mo. Bifolium. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with broken wafer, 'A Monsieur | Monsieur le Major Walter Scott | Hotel Mirabeau rue | de la Paix | A Paris', and franked 'Mal. Duc de Tarento'. On aged and lightly ruckled and damp-stained paper. 11 lines of text. He writes in the hope that Scott and his 'Lady' will be able to come 'pour diner chez moi en famille seulement'. MacDonald was of Jacobite stock, and a near-relative of Flora MacDonald.

Fourteen nineteenth-century French pamphlets relating to the blind, four presented by Maurice de La Sizeranne of the Association Valentin Haüy, a run of whose magazine is also present, with English pamphlet from Wilberforce School for the Blind, York

Maurice de La Sizeranne; Association Valentin Haüy, Paris; Institut National des Jeunes Aveugles; Société des Ateliers d'Aveugles; Alexandre Blanchet; Wilberforce School for the Blind, York]
Publication details: 
All but one item printed in Paris, Paris-Auteuil and Tournon, between 1859 and 1888. The fifteenth pamphlet printed in York by Coultas and Volans of King Street, 1879.

A total of 38 items (15 pamphlets and 23 copies of a magazine) bound together in a sturdy modern brown cloth binding, with 'PAMPHLETS ON THE BLIND | FRENCH' and shelfmark in gilt on spine. The items are in good overall condition, on aged paper, with occasional slight chipping and wear to wraps. Label of the Board of Education Reference Library, London, and stamps and labels of its predecessor, the Science & Art Department Educational Library.

Manuscript Report to the Secretary General of the Hospitals and Hospices of Paris, by a commission investigating the medicinal qualities of the cahinca root. In Parent de Chatelet's hand and signed by him and the other four members of the commission.

Alexandre Jean Baptiste Parent du Châtelet (1790-1836); Philibert Guéneau de Mussy (1776-1854); Pierre-Barthélémy Portal d'Albarèdes (1765-1845), Baron Portal; Auguste François Chomel (1788-1858)
Publication details: 
[Paris. Seance of 29 April 1830.]

Foolscap (leaf dimensions 42 x 26.5 cm), 1 p. Clear and complete. On the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium. Both leaves with the small neat ownership stamp of the 'Collections Louis Leguay, à Paris [series A, number 382]'. Good, on lightly-aged watermarked laid paper. Written in French. Addressed 'A Monsieur le Secretaire general des hopitaux et hospices de Paris'.

Autograph manuscript paper entitled 'Rapport au congrès Scientifique de Douai sur Les coutumes locales du Bailliage d'Amiens considerée comme documents historiques.' Autograph Letter Signed ('Bouthors') to Dinaux.

Alexandre Bouthors (1796-1869), Greffier en chef de la Cour royale d'Amiens [Arthur Dinaux (1795-1864)]
Publication details: 
Paper undated [1835]. Letter dated 18 September 1835; Frévent.

Paper: 4to, 6 pp. With addendum slip of a third of a page. Text clear and complete. On aged paper and lightly-creased paper. Closely written, with several deletions. This paper held some significance for Bouthors. The 'Bulletins de la Société des antiquaires de Picardie' (1864) quotes an address by him, in which he describes that society as 'la fille de l'association des Congrès scientifiques de France.

Autograph Signature, in roman script ('A. N. Roussoff').

Alexandre Nicolaievich Roussoff [Alexandre Nicolaïevitch Roussoff or Volkoff-Muromsoff] (1844-1928), Russian artist and rival of Whistler
Publication details: 
Dated 'Cairo 1892'. On letterhead of the Cairo Continental Hotel.

On piece of watermarked laid paper 12.5 x 13.5 cm. In fair condition: lightly-aged and creased. Clearly in response to a request for an autograph. Firmly written, with the signature 5.5 cm long. Reads 'A. N. Roussoff | Cairo 1892'. Roussoff famously wagered that he could produce a dozen pastels indistinguishable from those of Whistler. He lost the bet, and was 'obliged to take a course of mud baths after his defeat'.

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