[Philippe d'Orléans, comte de Paris, Orléanist pretender who served in the American Civil War.] Autograph Note Signed ('L P O', i.e. 'Louis Philippe Orléans), in English, to Henry Walter Bates, Assistant Secretary, Royal Geographical Society.

Philippe d'Orléans [Louis Philippe Albert d'Orléans (1838-1894)], comte de Paris [Count of Paris], Orléanist pretender to the French throne (King Philippe VII') who served in the American Civil War
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On letterhead of York House, Twickenham, S.W. 25 November 1865.

1p, 16mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, folded three times and laid down on part of a leaf from an album. Reads: 'Nov. 25th. 1865 | the Comte de Paris | presents his compliments to M. Bates and sends to him the enclosed certificate of Dr. de Mussy as a candidate for election to the R. G. S. | L P O'. Henry Walter Bates (1825-1892), naturalist and explorer served as Assistant Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society from 1864. Noël-Francois-Odon Guéneau de Mussy (1813-1885) was a French physician.

Manuscript Report to the Secretary General of the Hospitals and Hospices of Paris, by a commission investigating the medicinal qualities of the cahinca root. In Parent de Chatelet's hand and signed by him and the other four members of the commission.

Alexandre Jean Baptiste Parent du Châtelet (1790-1836); Philibert Guéneau de Mussy (1776-1854); Pierre-Barthélémy Portal d'Albarèdes (1765-1845), Baron Portal; Auguste François Chomel (1788-1858)
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[Paris. Seance of 29 April 1830.]

Foolscap (leaf dimensions 42 x 26.5 cm), 1 p. Clear and complete. On the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium. Both leaves with the small neat ownership stamp of the 'Collections Louis Leguay, à Paris [series A, number 382]'. Good, on lightly-aged watermarked laid paper. Written in French. Addressed 'A Monsieur le Secretaire general des hopitaux et hospices de Paris'.

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