[ Oxford University, Victorian ephemera.] Examination certificate 'in Literis Humanioribus et in Rudimentis Religionis', for Robert Hutchison of Exeter College, signed by examiners George Rawlinson, Frederick G. Walker, G. E. Thorley and G. W. Capes.

George Rawlinson (1812-1902), Camden Professor of Ancient History at the University of Oxford; Frederick G. Walker; G. E. Thorley; G. W. Capes [ Robert Hutchison of Exeter College ]
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[ University of Oxford. ] 'Die Xmo Mensis December. Anni MDCCCLXVIII.' [ 10 December 1868. ]
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On one side of a 10.5 x 16.5 cm slip of grey paper. In good condition, lightly aged. Reads (with manuscript text in square brackets): '[Hutchison Robertus e Coll. Exon.] | Die [Xmo] Mensis [Decembr.] Anni [MDCCCLXVIII.] | prout Statuta requirunt Examinatus in Literis Humanioribus et in Rudimentis Religionis satisfecit nobis Examinatoribus. | Ita testatur { [Georgius Rawlinson | Fred. G. Walker | G. E. Thorley | G W Capes] } Examinatores Publici in Literis Humanioribus.' Thorley's1874-5 Lit. Hum. mark-book appears to be the earliest extant.