[G. B. O'Neill, Irish painter.] Autograph Letter Signed ('G. Bernard O'Neill'), inviting G. W. Cooke to join in a 'friendly cup' with him and 'Mr. Callcott' [William Hutchins Callcott?], who is bringing sketches for him to inspect.

G. B. O'Neill [George Bernard O'Neill] (1828-1917), Irish painter [G. W. Cooke [George Wingrove Cooke] (1814-1865), lawyer and historian; Sir Augustus Wall Callcott (1779-1844)]
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'The Mall | Kensington. | Monday'. No date.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. In 1857 O'Neill married Emma Stuart Callcott, granddaughter of the artist Sir Augustus Wall Callcott, from whose house the present letter is addressed. He informs Cooke that he has 'asked Mr. Callcott [probably O'Neill's father-in-law William Hutchins Callcott (1807-1882)] to come & take a "friendly cup" with me on Thursday Evg. & we shall be glad of your company if you can favour us'. In a postscript O'Neill states that Callcott has promised to let him have 'the sketches I spoke to you of, in case you should come'.

Manuscript document relating to the Whittlewood Disafforesting Act of 1855, with 'Extract from Plan of the Forest of Whittlewood in the Counties of Northampton and Buckingham (In Three Parts) Part 2. Wakefield Walk and Hanger Walk'.

T. R. Fearnside, Keeper of the Land Revenue Records; William Fry Channell; George Wingrove Cooke; Nathan Wetherell [The Whittlewood Disafforesting Act of 1855; Whittlewood Forest, Northamptonshire]
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Copy certified as correct by T. R. Fearnside, Keeper of the Records, 13 February 1860. Plan originally dated 'this 8th. day of July 1856'.

Consisting of a manuscript transcription of a document allotting portions of the forest 'for the exclusive pasturage of the Commonable Cattle', and an accompanying coloured map or plan on cloth. The whole folded into a 34 x 12 cm. packet, within a covering leaf docketed: 'Dated 8th. July 1856 | Extract from Award of Commissioners under the Whittlewood Disafforesting Act of 1855 -'. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, but with the covering leaf heavily aged and discoloured. The transcription consists of 3pp., 4to, neatly written out on three stamped 41.5 x 34 cm.

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