[Charles Harold Herford, literary scholar, editor of Ben Jonson, professor in Wales and in Manchester.]

C. H. Herford [Charles Harold Herford] (1853-1931), Manchester-born literary scholar, editor of Ben Jonson with Percy and Evelyn Simpson, professor in Wales and Manchester
Publication details: 
[1922.] No place. (Published in 'Poetry Review' (London) in July 1922.)

6pp, 12mo. Paginated [1]-6. Lightly aged and a bit grubby. Folded twice. On six leaves of paper, which Herford has made up by tearing in half the 4to leaves of one of his students' essays. Complete, and signed at the end 'C H Herford'. Written in a close hand, with numerous deletions and emendations. He begins by describing how Shelley met his death, and his final writing, before dismissing the suggestion that he committed suicide: 'we may dismiss the utterly uncalled for suggestion that his own hand lifted the veil'.

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