[ T. Perronet Thompson, MP for Bradford: printed pamphlet. ] Catechism on the Ballot; Or, A List of Fallacies and the Answers. By Major-General Thompson, M.P. for Bradford, Author of the "Catechism on the Corn Laws."

Major-General Thompson [ Thomas Perronet Thompson (1783-1869) ], M.P. for Bradford, Author of the "Catechism on the Corn Laws."
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'Stereotype. - Third Edition.' 1859. 'Published by G. Brown, at the Offices of the Ballot Society, 5, Guildhall Chambers, Basinghall Street, London. Printed by B. D. Cousins, Helmet Court, Strand.'

28pp., 8vo. A side-stitched pamphlet, issued without wraps. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. At the head of the title-page is an engraving of the dove bringing the olive branch to Noah's Ark on the top of Mount Ararat. At foot of title-page: 'This publication having been reduced to its present price by the abandonment of profit and the sacrifice of the cost of the type, persons approving its contents are requested to purchase one additional copy and give away, giving the preference to individuals possessing the elective franchise. | Price Threepence.

Printed logbook with label on cover reading 'List of Colored Voters Registered at [ ] Precinct in [ ] Magisterial District [ ] County, Virginia. since January 1, 1904.'

[Virginia, United States of America; the African-American Civil Rights Movement; American elections and voting; black voters]
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[Virginia, USA. Circa 1904.]

15 leaves, folio. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. N.B. Entirely blank: not filled-in or completed. Each leaf with thumb-index tab in oak cloth. In black cloth quarter-binding with marbled covers. Each opening or double-page spread is divided into 14 columns: Date of Registration; Number; Name; Date of Birth; Age. Years; Occupation; Residence; Lenght of Residence [In State; In County; In Precinct]; Is he exempt from payment of poll tax as a prerequisite to voting?; If naturalized [Date of Papers; By What Court Issued]; If Transferred. When and to What Precinct.

Alteration of Constitution. Federal Referendums. The Case FOR and AGAINST. ['Aviation' and 'Marketing']

[Australian Federal Referendums on Aviation and Marketing, 1937]
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By Authority: H. J. Green, Government Printer, Melbourne. [Canberra, 30th December, 1936.]

4to: [iii] + 15 + [ii] pp. Ten-leaf stapled pamphlet. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Slight rusting to staples. In small hand in red ink at head of title: 'M.S. 834 - 21/1/37'. Giving the texts of two proposed constitution alterations, 'Aviation' and 'Marketing', with the cases for and against, the referendums on which are both to be taken on 6 March 1937. 1 cm stamp in red ink of the Webster Collection at foot of final page, numbered 4190.

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