[Sir Andrew Halliday, personal physician to William IV.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Andrew Halliday') to the 'Assignees of Mr George Underwood', regarding the return of works which are his 'individual property'.

Sir Andrew Halliday (1782-1839), Scottish physician, personal physician to William IV [George Underwood, London medical bookseller]
Publication details: 
Hampton Court; 31 August 1831.

1p, 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with a few small holes, and thin strip of paper from mount adhering to the blank reverse. Reads: 'The Assignees of Mr George Underwood will please deliver up to Messrs Renshaw & Reid all the Copies of my “State of Lunatic Asylums” also all copies of my “Letter to Lord Robert Seymour” as also Any Copies of “Letters from Germany & Holland” or any other of my works that may remain or be found among the stock of the said George Underwood as the whole are my individual Property - | Andrew Halliday | Hampton Court | 31 August 1831'.

[Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Pageant, London, 1897.] Pair of stereoscopic images, captioned 'Her Majesty Greeting her People, Diamond Jubilee Pageant, London, England.'

[Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Pageant, London, 1897; Underwood & Underwood, stereoscopic publishers, New York]
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Underwood & Underwood, Publishers. New York. London. Toronto - Canada. Ottawa - Kansas. Works and Studios, Washington, D.C. Arlington, N.J. Littleton, N.H. [Copyright 1897 by Underwood & Underwood.]

In very good condition, on the usual card mount. Each of the two prints roughly 8 x 7.5 cm, with curved top corners, the two on an 8.5 x 17.5 cm. mount. Showing the queen's carriage processing before a grandstand of onlookers in front of a fine building (in the Mall?). The photographs taken over the heads of a crowd held by by three rows of policemen (in the foreground). Caption in English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish and Russian printed on the reverse of the mount.

[Photographs; stereoscopic views; Boer War] South Africa 1900 For Queen and Flag

Underwood & Underwood, early producer and distributor of stereoscopic and other photographic images.
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72 stereoscopic views of aspects on the Second Boer War, numbered 1-72 inclusive, hence assumed to be a complete set, in custom-made box with image of a (soldier's) belt, with a motto, "For Empire Queen and Flag" within the belt-circle, and "South Africa | 1900, within the image and a motif, "Sun Sculpture" within a rising sun. [The National Army Museum catalogues one of 89 that they have as "produced by Works and Sun Sculpture Studios, 1900" for Underwood & Underwood.

[Halifax Explosion, Nova Scotia, Canada, 6 December 1917.] Twelve postcards of scenes of devastation by the largest non-nuclear man-made explosion in history, by Underwood & Underwood of New York.

Underwood & Underwood, N.Y. [Halifax Explosion, Nova Scotia, Canada, 6 December 1917]
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Copyright Underwood & Underwood, N.Y. [New York.] 'Novelty Mfg. & Art Co., Limited, Montreal [Canada]'. Undated [1917 or 1918].

The largest man-made explosion before the the development of nuclear weapons, with a force equivalent to nearly 3 kilotons of TNT, occurred when the French cargo ship SS Mont-Blanc, laden with wartime munitions, collided with the Norwegian vessel SS Imo in the Narrows, a strait connecting the upper Halifax Harbour to Bedford Basin. The explosion devastated the Richmond District of Halifax, killing 2000 and injuring 9000. Each postcard carries the words 'Copyright Underwood & Underwood, N.Y.' next to the caption beneath the image, with 'Novelty Mfg.

Typed Letter Signed ('E. Ashworth Underwood') to 'The Editor, Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, John Street, Adelphi, London, W.C.2.'

Edgar Ashworth Underwood (1899-1980), Director, The Wellcome Historical Medical Museum
Publication details: 
8 June 1949; on letterhead of The Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, 28, Portman Square, London, W.1.

4to: 1 p. Very good. 18 lines. Concerns a 'lecture by Dr. D. A. Allan' (Douglas Alexander Allan, writer of several works on museums and exhibitions). 'It is very regrettable that Dr. Allan made the statements which he did without confirmation. They were completely erroneous and on the day following he called here and expressed his regrets at the incident. He has now full particulars in skeleton form regarding the activities of this Museum'.

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