[ Bhikkhu D. Pannasara Thero (Pandit Dehigaspe Pannasara Thero), Sri Lankan Buddhist and Sanskrit authority and publisher.] Autograph Card Signed ('D. Pannasara'), an enquiry to the London oriental publsihers Arthur Probsthain & Co.

D. Pannasara Thero [ Pandit Dehigaspe Pannasara Thero ], Sri Lankan Buddhist cleric, authority on Bhuddist and Sanskrit scripture, and publisher [ Arthur Probsthain & Co., London oriental booksellers]
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Galle, Ceylon [Sri Lanka]. 18 May 1939.

On the back of a printed 'Ceylon | Post Card | For use to British countries'. With Galle postmark of 18 May 1939. Pannasara signs 'D. Pannasara' and gives his details as: 'Bhikku [sic], D. Pannasara Thero | Jayawardhanarama | Dangedara, Galle | Ceylon'. An enquiry in English regarding the 'Milinda Panha – translated from Pali by J. W. Rhys Davids Vol. I-ii'. Annotations in pencil and ink by the recipients.

Typed pages from her 'Chinese Prose Literature of the T'ang Period' (London: Probsthain, 1938), together with a proof slip from the printers.

Evangeline Dora Edwards (1888-1957) [Stephen Austin & Sons, Ltd., Hertford, Herts, publishers]
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Good, on lightly aged paper. Rust stains from paperclips on one leaf. Five pages of typescripts on five quarto leaves. The first page gives the contents, and the rest are covering pages with a few words of instructions (e.g. 'PREFACE | (To be prepared after revising first proofs)' and 'APPENDIX --- Authenticity........ | To follow with Bibliography and Indexes.' The proof slip, printed and with pencil insertions, is one page, on a leaf roughly eight inches by four and a half.

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