[ Laura Starr Canziani, English artist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Laura Canziani') to the wife of the physician Sir W. H. Allchin, regarding an invitation and her husband's return from Paris.

Louisa Starr Canziani [ Louisa Canziani ] (1845-1909), artist, the first woman to win a gold medal for history painting at the Royal Academy (1867) [ Sir William Henry Allchin (1846-1912), physician ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 3 Kensington Palace Green, W. [ London ] 12 June [ no year ].

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. She apologises for having missed Mrs Allchin's 'party at the Prince's Hall', as she had to meet her husband 'in Paris on his way home from Italy, and we were detained there longer than we had expected'. She had hoped that they both could have attended the party, but they were 'detained there longer than we had expected'. Louisa Starr married the civil engineer and industrialist Enrico Canziani (1848-1931) in Dover in 1882.

[Henri Cernuschi, Italo-French banker and collector.] Autograph Letter Signed to the London parliamentary bookseller Philip Stephen King, apologising for not being able to supply him with autographs, as his collection has been stolen 'toute entière'.

Henri Cernuschi [Enrico Cernuschi] (1821-1896), Italo-French banker and collector, whose Paris mansion is now the Musée Cernuschi [Philip Stephen King (1819-1908), London parliamentary bookseller]
Publication details: 
On the letterhead of his Paris mansion at 7 Avenue Velasquez, Parc Monceau [now the Musée Cernuschi]. 29 April [c. 1889].

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on aged paper, with slight wear to one corner. Signed 'H. Cernuschi'. He begins by stating that from King's 'première lettre' he had recognised his handwriting. He apologises for not being able to comply with a request of King's: 'Je possédais une importante collection d'autographes - mais elle m'a été volee toute entière'. He concludes by instructing King to send to Westminster '600 copies de Bimetalism in England aand Abroad et 50 copies de mon Speech a Paris 1889'.

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