[ The Osborne Judgment, 1909, on union funding of British political parties. ] Handbill from 'The Joint Board' (Trades Union Congress and Labour Party) regarding a 'Special Conference' to discuss the 'Osborne Decision'.

The Osborne Judgment, 1909; W. A. Appleton; C. W. Bowerman; J. Ramsay MacDonald; The Joint Board (Trades Union Congress and Labour Party); Walter Victor Osborne (1870-1950) ]
Publication details: 
The Joint Board representing the Parliamentary Committee of the Trades Union Congress, The General Federation of Trade Unions, and the Labour Party. 'Conference, Caxton Hall, November 10th, 1910.'

2pp., 12mo. Printed on one side of a 25 x 31.5 cm piece of shiny paper, with a central vertical perforation line. Damp damage to the heading (with some loss of text), otherwise in good condition. The text, by Appleton, Bowerman and MacDonald, is on the left-hand page, and begins: 'Osborne Decision.

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