[Incorporated Society of Musicians and British music on eve of First World War.] Signatures of thirteen composers (including Havergal Brian, Monk Gould, Julius Harrison) and musicians at 1912 Birmingham Conference, seven with autograph bars of music.

[Incorporated Society of Musicians, Birmingham Conference, 1912] Havergal Brian, Monk Gould, Julius Harrison, Edgar L. Bainton, H. Balfour Gardiner, William Wallace, C. Warwick-Evans, Harry A. Keyser
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Signatures given at the Birmingham Conference of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, 1912-1913.

For a detailed report of the Incorporated Society of Musicians conference at which these autographs were given, and which took place in Birmingham over the five days between 30 December 1912 and 3 January 1913, see Musical Times, 1 February 1913, pp.113-114. Thirteen signatures of British pre-war musical figures, on ten pieces of paper, ranging from 16 x 19 cm to 7 x 13 cm, nine of them on parts leaves of various colours cut from an album. In good condition, lightly aged. In only two cases are the signatures on both sides of the paper, on the other eight the reverse is blank.

[Charles Mackay, Scottish poet, journalist and author.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Chas Mackay') to Rev. G. Bainton, granting permission to publish a letter.

Charles Mackay (1814-1889), Scottish poet, journalist, and author of 'Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds' [Rev. George Bainton (1847-1925)]
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12 October 1887; 47 Longridge Road, South Kensington [London].

1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with slight nick at gutter of bifolium. Addressed 'To | Revd G Bainton.' Reads: 'Dear Sir | You are quite at liberty to publish my letter. - If it finds its way into the papers, I should be obliged if you would kindly forward me a copy. | Ever yours truly | Chas Mackay'.

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