Manuscript and Printed Marriage Certificate on parchment, signed by thirty individuals.

Eli Nixon; James Child [The Quakers; Bethnal Green]
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Wandsworth; 16 June 1825.
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Dimensions roughly nineteen inches by thirteen inches. Aged and a tad grubby, but in very good condition overall. Small piece, roughly one inch square, cut away from bottom left hand corner. Government five shilling stamp in top left-hand corner. In manuscript at head: 'Eli Nixon of Hope Town Bethnal Green in the County of Middlesex, Silk-Weaver, Son of Charles Nixon of Homerton, in the said County Tailor, and Rachel his Wife, she being deceased, and Mary Ann Child, Daughter of James Child of Long Alley in the Liberty of Norton Folgate, in the County aforesaid, Fruiterer and Jane his Wife'. The couple 'declared their Intentions [...] before the Monthly Meeting of Friends commonly called Quakers of [Kingston] in the [County] of [Surrey]'. The 'accomplishing of their said Marriage' took place in the Quaker Meeting House in Wandworth. Signatories include the author Thomas Chalk, James Sashwood, Edward Hare, John Coleman, John Pimm, Thomas Brewster, and Gulielma Coventry.