[Edwardian paediatric dentistry.] Four pamphlets: Rev. J. O. Bevan, 'Dental Hygiene'; G. Cunningham, 'What the Dentist can do for the State'; C. Edward Wallis, 'The Care of Teeth in Public Elementary Schools'; British Dental Association, 'Memorandum'

[Edwardian paediatric dentistry] Rev. J. O. Bevan; British Dental Association; G. Cunningham; C. Edward Wallis; London County Council; Board of Education
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All London, two by John Bale & Sons (one for British Dental Association), London1896, 1906, 1908 and undated.
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Four pamphlets. Three with red labels of the Board of Education Reference Library, London, and all four bearing its stamps and shelfmarks. All in good condition, lightly aged and worn. All now scarce. ONE: Rev. J. O. Bevan, M.A., F.S.A. - Dental Hygiene, Especially in Relation to Children and Schools. ('To be obtained from the author, 55, Gunterstone Road, West Kensington, London, W.' No date.) 8pp, 12mo. Stapled into grey printed wraps. No copy on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC. TWO: British Dental Association, - Memorandum in regard to the Condition of the Teeth of School Children […] and Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Physical Deterioration. (Printed for the British Dental Association, London, by John Bale, Sons, & Danielsson, Ltd., London. [1905.]) 70pp, 12mo. In grey printed wraps. With fold-out specimen of chart. THREE: G. Cunningham, M.A. Cantab., L.D.S. England, D.M.D. Harv. – What the Dentist can do for the State. ('Reprinted from the “Journal of the British Dental Association,” April, 1896. London: John Bale & Sons, 1896.) 16pp, 12mo. Stapled into pink printed wraps. Only two copies on OCLC WorldCat, and none on COPAC. FOUR: C. Edward Wallis, M.R.C.S. England, L.R.C.P. England, L.D.S. England. – The Care of Teeth in Public Elementary Schools | With Special Reference to what is being done in Germany | With Specimen of Chart used in the Dental Examination if the L.C.C. Michael Faraday School, designed by the Author'. (Issued by the Medical Officers of Schools Association. London: J. & A. Churchill, 1908.) 14pp, 12mo. With three pages of plates, including four photographs from the 'Darmstadt School-Denistry'. Stapled into blue printed wraps. The 'Specimen of Chart' (1p, 8vo), headed 'London County Council. | DENTAL RECORD.', is printed on one side of a piece of blue paper, folded, and tipped-in inside the front cover.