Corrected Autograph Manuscript of part of Captain Thomas Mayne Reid's 1866 novel 'Afloat in the Forest'.

Captain Thomas Mayne Reid (1818-1883), Irish-American novelist
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Place and date not stated [circa 1866].
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1 p, folio. On grey paper. Fair, on aged paper, with slight spotting and chipping to extremities affecting a few words of text. A whole page of the manuscript, numbered '9' and written entirely in Reid's hand, with a few minor emendations by him, from Chapter XXVI, 'Treed by an Alligator'. Begins with the reported speech: '"That would be anything but pleasant - perhaps more so [last word emended from 'unpleasant'] to those who are waiting for us, than to ourselves. What can we do?"' Ends: '"Not if we can help it" rejoined the Indian." But we must be quiet, young master, if we expect to get out of this fix in any reasonable t. The acaré has sharp ears, [...]'.