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Autograph Letter Signed to Thomas Thompson of Liverpool.

Catherine Hutton (1756-1846), English novelist and miscellaneous writer [AUTOGRAPH COLLECTING]
Publication details: 
Bennett's Hill June 1832'.

Two pages, quarto. Well preserved, on good lightly-aged paper, but with the original piece of paper (which was roughly nine inches by seven and a half wide) now neatly cut into three strips (the top and bottom of which are two and three-quarter inches high, and the middle three and a half inches high). The text is extremely neatly written and entirely legible, and the whole easily repairable with archival tape. The whole of this long, interesting letter (thirty-five lines and a two-line postscript) is given over to the current craze for autograph collecting (for which see A. N. L.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Katharine S. Macquoid') to Seymour C. J. Freeman-Matthews.

Katharine Sarah Macquoid (nee Gadsden, 1824-1917), voluminous English novelist
Publication details: 
28 April 1900; on letterhead 'The Edge, Tooting Common.'

One page, 12mo. Very good. 'I see that to-day is mail day for the Cape, I therefore send you at once the signature for which you ask. I wonder how you discovered my address.' Accompanied by biographical cutting.

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