[Joseph Frederick Green, peace campaigner.] Typed Letter Signed ('J. Fredk. Green'), asking the recipient to sign a Fabian Society statement drawn up with Walter Crane, H. S. Salt, Charles Charrington, S. G. Hobson, Edward Rose.

J. Frederick Green [Joseph Frederick Green] (1855-1932), peace campaigner, Secretary, International Arbitration and Peace Association [Fabian Society; Independent Labour Party; Waler Crane]
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40 Outer Temple, Strand, W.C., London. 27 January 1900.

1p, 4to. In poor condition, aged and worn. The male recipient is not named. The letter read s: 'At a small meeting attended by Walter Crane, H. S. Salt, Charles Charrington, S. G. Hobson, Edward Rose, and myself it was considered advisable to issue to the whole Fabian Society a statement on the lines of the enclosed proof which I herewith send you. A desire has been expressed that you should sign it and if you agree to do so I should be much obliged to have your signature at an early post.

[ Le Sel; Mesquer, commune of Loire-Atlantique department of France. ] Anonymous MS. document on 'oeillets de marais' and salt preparation, comprising fifteen 'Questions faites par monsieur le Sous prefet au maire de mesquer', each with answer.

Mesquer, commune of the Loire-Atlantique department of France [ salt production; production de sel; 'oeillet de marais' ]
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[ Mesquer, Loire-Atlantique, France. ] Undated [ circa 1835 ].

1p., landscape folio (30.5 x 39.5 cm). On watermarked laid paper. Divided into two columns: 'Questions faites par monsieur le Sous prefet au maire de mesquer' and 'Solution en Response a Monsieur Le Sous prefet Par Le Maire de Mesquer'. The first answer provides a definition of 'oeillet de marais', and is followed by facts regarding salt producers, their salaries, and other related matter. The reply to a question about the price of salt gives prices for the years 1833, 1834 and 1835.

Collection of early nineteenth-century red and black wax seals, mostly displayed on leaves of vellum paper, and presented in a wooden box, said to have been collected by Mary Ann Levin Smith, mother of Sir Archibald Levin Smith, Master of the Rolls.

[Mary Ann Lee, daughter of Zadik Levin, wife of Francis Smith (1806-1872) of Salt Hill, JP, and mother of Sir Archibald Levin Smith (1836-1901), judge, Master of the Rolls, 1900-1901; sigillography]
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Apparently dating from the first half of the nineteenth century.

The collection of 307 seals is in fair condition, with only a handful showing signs of loss. As with bookplates, the designs range from armorial to classical. Among the few carrying English texts, are the seal of the 'ADJUTANT GENERALS OFFICE ROYAL ARTILLERY D', the great seal of the Borough of Marlborough ('SIGILLUM MAJORIS BURGI DE MARLEBERG'), the seal of the 'ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE', the 'OFFICE FOR TAXES', the 'YEOMANRY OFFICE', and 'THE PATRON OF EDUCATION AND THE FRIEND OF THE POOR'. In original boxwood box, approximately 26 x 18 x 6 cm, worn and aged with lock but no key.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Wm. Salt') from the antiquary and book collector William Salt to the editor of the Gentleman's Magazine John Bowyer Nichols, making editorial comments and enclosing a list of 'Buckler's Engravings'.

William Salt (1808-1863), antiquary whose book collection is now the William Salt Library in Stafford [John Bowyer Nichols (1779-1863), printer and editor of the Gentleman's Magazine]
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Sandgate, Kent; 11 August 1843.

Letter: 2pp., 4to. 28 lines of text. List: 1p., on a 12mo strip. Both letter and list in very good condition, neatly placed in windowpane mounts on the two leaves of a bifolium. Salt is 'just finishing the List of Manuscript Erdeswick's' and will bring it to Nichols when he returns to London. He wonders whether Nichols has 'nearly come to the end of the Book in your reprint? I do not think you will make your first sheet answer satisfactorily - without printing the whole or part of it over again - but of course you will be the best judge of that'.

Document (part printed part manuscript) signed "H Fox"; printed heading "Annuity for Life, 1746".

Henry Fox [ Baron Holland ]
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Statesman (see DNB). One page, chipped, small tear, trimmed but text clear and complete. The document, part printed (a form), records that Henry Fox on the 23 Aug.

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