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Autograph Album of Agnes Rothsay, daughter of Frank Rothsay, Actor-Manager of the Borough Theatre, Stratford, containing signatures, messages and drawings mostly by individuals connected to the stage, many in the company of 'The Prince of Pilser.

Frank Rothsay, Actor-Manager of the Borough Theatre, Stratford, and his daughter Agnes Rothsay
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Compiled while the Rothsays lived in West Ham, between 1906 and 1909.

Landscape 8vo album with 82pp. on 73 leaves of different coloured paper in original cloth. Aged and loose, in worn binding. The autographs are mainly theatrical, and although lacking any first-rate actors, provide a tantalising glimpse into a lost world. Laid down are signed postcards from.Stella Gastelle, Ethel Ward and Ben Albert ('To Miss Rothsay | Best Wishes from her Dad's Pal Ben').

Manuscript letter from 'the undersigned ladies and gentlemen of the "Delia" company', at the Tyne Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, to Frank Rothsay, signed by sixteen individuals on presenting him with a token of appreciation of his management.

Frank Rothsay, Victorian actor-manager of the Tyne Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, and the Borough Theatre, Stratford
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Tyne Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne. 5 October 1889.

1p., foolscap 8vo. Stained, worn and creased, but a unique memento of a Newcastle institution and Grade I listed building, founded in 1867 as the Tyne Theatre and Opera House, and now bearing the euphonious name of the Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre.

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