[ James Forbes; India ] Autograph Letter Signed "Jam Forbes" to [ Claudius Rich ], traveller and antiquarian (Babylon etc).

James Forbes (1749–1819), author of ‘Oriental Memoirs’ (seventeen years residence in India); father-in-law of Marc Rene de Montalembert.
Publication details: 
Paris, 20 March 1817

Four pages, 12mo, very good condition. His correspondent's letter eventually reached him in Paris where he'd resided since the last August "in coinsequence of my son-in-law the Baron de Montalembert being appointed by the French Government Minister at the Court of Wurtemberg [...] but political reasons, and the difficulty of procuring a suitable house in that small capital have hitherto prevented our joining him." His daughter has to go through a "Municipal marriage" under the Napoleonic Code to establish her children's legitimacy.

[ Josiah Burchett, Secretary of the Admiralty. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J Burchett') to Lord of the Admiralty Sir Robert Rich, a sick note describing his symptoms and the circumstances.

Josiah Burchett (c.1666-1746), Secretary of the Admiralty, clerk and servant to Samuel Pepys [ Sir Robert Rich (1648-1699) of Roos Hall, Suffolk; James Welwood (1652-1727), physician ]
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Epsom. 26 August 1697.

2pp., 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly-aged, with seal cut away from second leaf, which carries a postmark and the address: 'For the Rt. Honoble. Sr. Robert Rich, one of the Lords of the Admiralty. At his house near ye Admty. Office. | Westminster'. Thirty-two lines of text.

Printed Receipt, with Manuscript Insertions, Signed by the 2nd Marquess, for rent on two Mayfair properties.

Richard Grosvenor (1795-1869), 2nd Marquess of Westminster [Grosvenor Estate Office; Mayfair; Richard Jones]
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Grosvenor Estate Office, 9 Davies Street, Grosvenor Square; 30 March 1849.

One page. Roughly nine inches by four. Aged and creased, with one small closed tear and one spike hole (neither affecting text, which is clear and complete). An attractive document, embossed with a government one shilling stamp, and bearing the Westminster coat of arms, supported by two dogs, engraved by Warrington, 27 Strand, in top left-hand corner. Reads (MS additions in square brackets): '[Imp: Hopkinson] | Grosvenor Estate Office, | 9, Davies Street, Grosvenor Square | Received the [March 30th] 184[9] of [Richard Jones Esqr.

Autograph Letter Signed [to R. Byham of the Ordnance Office].

Admiral Sir Edward Campbell Rich Owen
Publication details: 
Windlesham Bagshot | 14 July 1835'.

English admiral who 'while in command of the "Immortalite" captured and destroyed many French gunboats and privateers, 1802-5' (DNB).Two pages, 12mo. Good though grubby, and with blank second leaf of bifoliate cut down to a stub. Thanks Byham for 'all your kindness'. 'I shall have an opportunity of expressing my good wishes & those of Lady Owen to Mrs. Byham & yourself whenever you can seize a moments holiday'. Gives directions. '[...] At the 24th.

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