[ Josiah Burchett, Secretary of the Admiralty. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J Burchett') to Lord of the Admiralty Sir Robert Rich, a sick note describing his symptoms and the circumstances.

Josiah Burchett (c.1666-1746), Secretary of the Admiralty, clerk and servant to Samuel Pepys [ Sir Robert Rich (1648-1699) of Roos Hall, Suffolk; James Welwood (1652-1727), physician ]
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Epsom. 26 August 1697.
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2pp., 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly-aged, with seal cut away from second leaf, which carries a postmark and the address: 'For the Rt. Honoble. Sr. Robert Rich, one of the Lords of the Admiralty. At his house near ye Admty. Office. | Westminster'. Thirty-two lines of text. He complains that, despite 'what the Doctor's [sic] prescribed mee [sic]', he can scarcely 'hold up my head to write" He was prescribed an emetic, which 'has done mee some good, as to what I complained of in London, yet I have hardly recovered the strength I had when I took the Vomit, soe violently did it operate. That which most afflicts mee now, is paines in my Lymbs and Throate, which are very accute soe soon as the Sunn begins to leave Us, and continue till I am in Bedd, especially my Shoulders & Throate, soe that I am almost as willing to starve, as to putt myselfe to the paine of swallowing.' He has written to 'Doctr. Welwood' (James Welwood, physician to William and Mary), but despairs of 'a speedy recovery, or of avoyding that troublesome Distemper, a Rheumatisme'. He fears that his stay at Epsom is abusing the 'good natures' of the Lords of the Admiralty', and that it is inconvenient for 'Mr. Bridgeman'. He hopes to 'come off without prejudice', as 'the fear of giving the least offence, will very much retard my recovery'. For more information, see Burchett's entry in the Oxford DNB.