[Printed pamphlet.] The General Practice of Plumbing in Manchester & District, by Wm. Jaffrey, R.P., 27, Booth Street, Manchester. Being a Paper read at a Meeting convened by the Manchester, Salford, and District Council of Registered Plumbers.

William Jaffrey, R.P., 27 Booth Street, Manchester, of the Registered Plumbers' Council
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Held at the Technical School, Manchester, March 11th, 1891.

8pp., 12mo. Stapled. In brown printed wraps. On brittle, high-acidity paper, with staining from staples, in stained and worn wraps. After some 'Introductory Remarks' he discusses 'Light Materials in New Work', 'Position of Cold-Water Cistern', 'Position', 'The Runs of Pipes', 'The W.-C.', 'The W.-C. Supply' ('two gallons of water is not sufficient to wash away the soil into the main drain.

Indenture between the Mayor and Citizens of the City of Rochester in the County of Kent and Thomas Lediard Citizen and Clothworker of London.

Publication details: 
22 January 1682/3.

An important piece of local history. Neatly engrossed on one side of piece of stained and discoloured parchment, dimensions approximately 24 inches by 22 inches. Signed at foot by Lediard and with his seal (in poor condition). Signatures of five witnesses on reverse. In poor condition but with text mostly legible. Four holes, two of them affecting text, at intersections of folds in document.

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