[Printed pamphlet.] The General Practice of Plumbing in Manchester & District, by Wm. Jaffrey, R.P., 27, Booth Street, Manchester. Being a Paper read at a Meeting convened by the Manchester, Salford, and District Council of Registered Plumbers.

William Jaffrey, R.P., 27 Booth Street, Manchester, of the Registered Plumbers' Council
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Held at the Technical School, Manchester, March 11th, 1891.
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8pp., 12mo. Stapled. In brown printed wraps. On brittle, high-acidity paper, with staining from staples, in stained and worn wraps. After some 'Introductory Remarks' he discusses 'Light Materials in New Work', 'Position of Cold-Water Cistern', 'Position', 'The Runs of Pipes', 'The W.-C.', 'The W.-C. Supply' ('two gallons of water is not sufficient to wash away the soil into the main drain. It may wash it out of the basin or pan and into the trap, where it will very often remain, giving off a disagreeable and offensive smell into the room; [...] I am prepared to say that if the opinion of every member of this Registered Plumbers' Council were taken the result would confirm my statement, and I hope the sanitary authorities will take this suggestion into their serious consideration, and insist upon the Waterworks Committee allowing a larger quantity to each flush, thus helping to keep the drains clear, and tending to reduce the abnormally high death-rate for which, unfortunately, Manchester has become so notorious.' Scarce: no copies of this offprint traced, with COPAC only listing two copies (at the National Library of Scotland and at Cambridge) as part of the series 'Lectures on Sanitary Plumbing, &c.' Series 1 ; no. 10, 1892-3.