[ South African colonial administrators. ] Collection of signatures, including Governor-General Gladstone, High Commissioner Loch, Sir William Gordon Cameron, Abraham Fischer, Sir William Howley Goodenough. Taken from Cape of Good Hope land documents

Herbert John Gladstone (1854-1930), 1st Viscount Gladstone, Governor-General of the Union of South Africa; Henry Brougham Loch (1827-1900), 1st Baron Loch, High Commissioner for South Africa, 1889-95
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Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, and Union of South Africa. Between 1892 and 1911.

Extracted from six Cape of Good Hope land documents. In good overall condition, on paper with minor signs of age and wear. ONE: Signature ('W. G. Cameron') of Sir William Gordon Cameron (1827-1913), as 'Administrator [amended in manuscript from 'Governor'] and High Commissioner'. On part of document dated 5 December 1892. Stamped in ink twice, over the signatures of the two witnesses, one of whom is Surveyor-General John Templer Horne. With embossed 'Public Seal of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope'.

[ Henry Brougham Loch, 1st Baron Loch, High Commissioner for South Africa. ] Autograph Signature ('Henry B Loch').

Henry Brougham Loch (1827-1900), 1st Baron Loch, High Commissioner for South Africa, 1889-1895; Governor of Victoria, 1884-1889; Governor of the Isle of Man, 1863-1882
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Without place or date.

On 4 x 9.5cm piece of paper. In fair condition, aged, and with rust staining from staple to left of signature.

[ Red Cross Gardens, Southwark, London. ] Draft manuscript indenture assignment signed by the Earl of Ducie, Lancelot William Bennett, Charles Stewart Loch, Mary Lumsden, Helen Ironside, Janet Johnson, Thomas Slingsby Tanner, Cecil Antony Nussey.

[ Red Cross Garden recreation ground, Southwark, London ] Henry John Reynolds-Moreton (1827-1921), 3rd Earl of Ducie; Charles Stewart Loch (1849-1923), charity commissioner [ Octavia Hill (1838-1912)]
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[ Red Cross Garden, Southwark, London. ] Dated 15 August 1914.

On three sides of a vellum bifolium supplied by the London law stationers Witherby & Co. Dimensions of leaf 39 x 26 cm. In good condition, lightly aged and creased. The document is a draft, with several emendations in pencil, including a lengthy addition in the margin of first page, and a shorter one on the second page. Laid out in customary style, within red rules. Docketed on fourth side: 'Dated 15th August 1914 | The Earl of Ducie and Others | to | The Earl of Ducie and Others | Red Cross Garden | Assignment'. With stamp of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, signed by Hugh de Bock Porter.

Autograph Letter Signed from John Wishaw, Secretary to the African Association, to the Whig MP James Loch of Bloomsbury Square, regarding the picture galleries of Lord Stafford and Lord Grosvenor, also George Canning, Lord Brougham and elections.

John Wishaw (c.1764-1840), Secretary to the African Association, friend of Malthus and biographer of Mungo Park [James Loch (1780-1855), Whig MP for St Germains, Cornwall]
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9 May [1827]. 'L. I. Fields' [i.e. Lincolns Inn Fields, London].

2pp., 12mo. 40 lines. Bifolium. Good, on aged paper. The reverse of the second leaf carries half of a red wax seal, as well as the address to 'James Loch Esqr | Bloomsbury Square'. The letter begins: 'My dear Loch | Some friends of mine from the Country are desirous of seeing Lord Stafford's & Lord Grosvenor's pictures some time next week; & they understand that the obtaining of Tickets is not a matter of course but that some little interest is necessary.' He asks for assistance 'with regard to Cleveland House [...] for Mrs Johnston & party (about 5 or 6 persons)'.

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