Large handbill of specimens, one side with seventeen copperplate and zincographic engravings, the other with twelve letterheads under the heading 'Series A. PIerced Designs Engraved in Copperplate Style, at 1/20th of the Cost.'

W. A. Day, printer, of 25 South John Street, Liverpool. [Victorian printing; zincography]
Publication details: 
Liverpool: W. A. Day, 25 South John Street. Undated [1880s?].

A scarce piece of Liverpool printing ephemera. Dimensions approximately 63 x 51 cm. Both sides printed in light blue. Text and illustrations complete. In need of expert cleaning and repair: grubby and stained, with chipping to extremities and some closed tears. At the head of the one side is the masthead of 'The Employment Exchange | Edited by Charles H. Megson' ('The only recognized medium for speedy Employment. Absolutely without rival.') with illustrations of figures at work.

[Charles Blondin, French acrobat.] Printed illustration (proof or letterhead?) of a tightrope arrangement, with two flags carrying the word 'Blondon', with English text of 'Explanations'.

Charles Blondin [born Jean François Gravelet] (1824-1897), French tightrope walker and acrobat.
Publication details: 
Without place or date.

On leaf of 4to paper. In fair condition, aged and lightly-creased. The purpose of the illustration is unclear, although it may be a proof or letterhead. The attractive engraving is in black ink, and 7 x 20cm. It shows two flagpoles, with a tightrope between them and apparatus to the right and left. Beneath the illustration are fourteen lines of text in two columns, under the head, 'Explanations', the left-hand column reading: 'From A to B, 600 English feet. | From C to D, 420 English feet. | From Mast to Mast, 300 English feet. | From E to F, 100 English feet.

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