[Samuel Tuke of the York Retreat, asylum reformer.] Autograph Letter in the third person to the medical publisher John Churchill, instructing him to send a copy of his book to German psychiatrist Maximilian Jacobi.

Samuel Tuke (1784-1857), Quaker minister, asylum reformer at the York Retreat [John Churchill (1801-1875), London medical publisher; Carl Wigand Maximilian Jacobi, German psychiatrist]
Publication details: 
York; 14 September 1841.

2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to one edge. Begins: 'Samuel Tuke having been disappointed of an opportunity of sending by a private hand a parcel to his friend Dr Max. Jacobi will be much obliged to J. Churchill to send to him four copies of the translation of his work'.

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