[ Herbert Hensley Henson, as Canon of Westminster Abbey: 'I suppose you and your Socialist brethren are getting ready for Armageddon!'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('H. Hensley Henson') to 'Jim', regarding 'Popish accusants' in the reign of James I.

Hensley Henson [ H. Hensley Henson; Herbert Hensley Henson ] (1863-1947), Anglican controversialist, successively Bishop of Hereford and Bishop of Durham
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On letterhead of 17 Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey, S.W. [ London ] 7 December 1909.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Aged and worn, with a short closed tear at gutter. He begins by quoting 'Frere's History of the English Church 1558-1625', with regard to 'the number of Popish accusants at the beginning of James I's reign'. He observes that '[t]he returns were made to the Archbishop, & presumably compiled by the clergy: which no doubt justifies some measure of scepticism', while bringing in the 'Church Year Book' for comparison.

[ George Grossmith junior. ] Unpublished autograph family reminiscences by his younger daughter, with two Autograph Letters Signed by her ('Rosa George' and 'Rosa George. | (Grossmith)') to W. Macqueen Pope, praising her father in the fondest terms.

George Grossmith junior (1874-1935), actor-manager and comedian, his daughter Rosa Mary George (1907-1988) [ W. Macqueen-Pope [ Walter James Macqueen-Pope ] (1888-1960), theatre manager and historian]
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The reminiscences without place or date. The letters from 26 Lawnbodle Road, Hampstead, NW3 [ London ]. 30 October and 4 December 1950.

ONE: Autograph family reminiscences by Rosa Mary George (née Grossmith). 19 pp., 12mo. Rough pencil notes, on ruled pages torn from a notebook. Seventeen pages on George Grossmith junior, with a page apiece on 'His Father' and 'His Uncle'. TWO: The two letters, totalling 9pp., 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper.

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