[First World War conscription.] Printed third reading (Lords) bill leading to the Military Service Act, 1916: 'Military Service (No. 2.) | A Bill intituled An Act to make provision with respect to Military Service in connexion with the present War.'

Military Service Act, 1916; First World War conscription; British Parliament
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'Ordered to be printed 24th January 1916.' London: Printed under the Authority of His Majesty's Stationery Office By Eyre and Spottiswoode, Ltd.'

No other copy of this historic item - part of the hurried parliamentary process of bringing conscription to the United Kingdom for the first time - has been traced on either OCLC WorldCat or LHD (COPAC). The only other parliamentary papers relating to the Military Service Act on those databases are a single copy of the bill with committee amendments, ordered to be printed four days before the present item, on 20 January 1916, which is in the Canadian Archives; and two copies of the act itself (5 & 6 Geo. 5 c.

[ First World War: proposed British Parliamentary legislation. ] Typescript of 'Skeleton Draft of a Bill prepared in August 1914.', proposing to 'organise and make fully effective the services which every subject of the Realm is bound to render'.

[ First World War, compulsory service on the Home Front: proposed British Parliamentary legislation, 1914; the Houses of Parliament ]
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[ London? Circa August 1914. ]

An anonymous document, clearly the work of a member of the British Parliament. Typescript of 12pp., folio. With retrospective title page in neat manuscript, reading: 'Skeleton Draft of a Bill prepared in August 1914. | How many troubles and disasters might have been saved if some such scheme had been carried out.' A few minor emendations in the same hand. On 'British Loan' Britannia wove paper. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear.

[ Printed First World War pamphlet on conscription. ] Snowden's Great Speech Against Compulsion. Chains of Slavery upon the Democracy.

[ Philip Snowden (1864-1937), 1st Viscount Snowden; The Labour Leader, London ]
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'Reprinted from The Labour Leader'. [1916]

2pp., 4to. Single leaf of newspaper stock. In fair condition, aged and worn. In small print, three columns to the page. Headline quote: '"The ablest onslaught upon the Bill that has been made in the House." - The Times.' At head of first page: 'Reprinted fr[om THE LABO]UR LEADER.' At foot of second page: 'READ THE LABOUR LEADER FOR ALL ANTI-CONSCRIPTION NEWS. EVERY THURSDAY. ONE PENNY.' Begins: 'In the House of Commons on Wednesday, January 12, Mr.

Autograph Letter Signed ('John F. Dillon') from Sir John Fox Dillon of Lismullen to 'My dear Mary', criticising the 'queer state' of Irish politics, First World War 'shirkers', and describing what he claims as the first tractor in Ireland.

Sir John Fox Dillon (1843-1925) of Lismullen, Navan, County Meath, Baron of the Holy Roman Empire
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On letterhead of Lismullen, Navan, County Meath [Ireland; Eire]. 20 December 1917.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. 61 lines, closely written in a crabbed, difficult hand. Good, on lightly-aged paper. He begins by thanking her for a book, before commenting: 'Things are in such a queer state in this country that it is hard to know what will happen. This Government is enough to drive one mad. They are afraid to do a thing until the Convention has come to some sort of compromise (which no party will accept). The Sin [sic] Feins will do their best to upset any recommendation the Convention may come to. You must remember there are the Ulster men (Royalists) Royalists [sic] from all parts.

[Printed magazine.] The first issue of 'The 18-30 Review', March 1949, devoted to conscription ('National Service'), with main article 'The Lost Opportunity' by Basil Henriques.

[The 18-30 Review; The 18-30 Conference, 26 Bedford Square, London; Conscription; National Service; Sir Basil Lucas Quixano Henriques (1890-1961)]
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No. 1. March 1949. The Editor, 26 Bedford Square, WC1 [London]. [Printed by Latimer, Trend & Co., Limited, Plymouth.]

8pp., 4to. Stapled and unbound. In fair condition on aged paper. On the first page the 'object of this Review' is described as 'to provide a forum for discussion in which the organisations represented on the 18-30 Conference and their individual members can express their views on subject of common interest'. On the last page the 18-30 Conference is described as 'a consultative body', inaugurated in November 1946, 'established in recognition of the need to provide a forum for discussion on the interests of young citizens in the manifold activities of national life'.

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