[John Bunnell Davis, physician, founder of the Universal Dispensary for Children [now Royal Waterloo Hospital.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Jno B Davis M D') [to the trustees], tendering in odd terms his resignation from the 'valuable Institution'.

John Bunnell Davis (1777-1824), physician, founder in 1816 of the Universal Dispensary for Children [now Royal Waterloo Hospital for Children and Women], London
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'103 Great Surry [sic] Street | Blackf[riar]s [London]. | July 1 1824'.

For Davis see Munk's Roll, the Gentleman's Magazine for January 1825, and I. S. L. Loudon's paper 'John Bunnell Davis and the Universal Dispensary for Children' (BMJ, 5 May 1979). The Universal Dispensary for Children, founded by Davis in 1816 and open to the under-twelves, was as Loudon points out 'the first major institution in England devoted solely to the care of sick children, 35 years before the first children's hospital in Liverpool, and 36 before Great Ormond Street'.

[Eric Gill, sculptor and typographer] Two Signed Letters (one 'Eric Gill' and the other 'Eric Gill osd') to Lawrence Hodson, both in the same secretarial hand, regarding a woodcut 'set of stations'.

Eric Gill [Arthur Eric Rowton Gill] (1882-1940), British sculptor, artist and typographer [Lawrence William Hodson (1865-1934), art connoisseur; Father Bernard Delaney (1890-1959), OP]
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On letterheads of Ditchling Common, Sussex. 3 November 1920 and 10 March 1921.

Both items in fair condition, on lightly aged and creased paper. The second letter addressed by the secretary on the reverse, with four torn stamps and postmarks, to 'Mr. Lawrence Hodson | Bradbourne Hall | Ashbourne | Derbyshire'. The 'set of stations' referred to in the first letter is likely to have been based on those executed by Gill in stone in Westminster Cathedral, and completed in 1918. Letter One (3 November 1920): 1p., 12mo.

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