[ The Pythic Club, Christ Church, Oxford. ] Autograph Letter Signed from B. H. Willett to Sir Richard Harington, describing this 'very old secret society in the House'.

B. H. Willett [ Bernard Hastings Willett ] (1880-1949) of Christ Church, Oxford, cricketer [ Sir Richard Harington (1835–1911) of Ridlington, 11th Baronet; The Pythic Club ]
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On letterhead of Christ Church, Oxford. 6 June [ 1902 ].

3pp., 16mo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Headed 'Private & Confidential'. Harington having written to say that he does not know 'anything about the Pythic Society', Willett points out that '[a]ccording to the books of the Society you were elected to the Society on March 6th 1882. | The Pythic is a very old secret [last word underlined] society in the House being founded in 1845 by the late Lord Dufferin. | No one in the House knows of its existance [sic] except the members & if anyone finds out he has to be at once elected a member in order to secure the necessary secrecy'.

[B. H. Liddell Hart as 'defeatist'.] Two Typescripts of his 'Memorandum' titled 'The Prospect in this War', including 'P.S. to Memorandum of November 7th. 1939. From the papers of John Gordon, editor of the Daily Express.

B. H. Liddell Hart [Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart] (1895–1970), military thinker and historian [John Rutherford Gordon (1890-1974), editor of the London 'Daily Express']
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Both typescripts have 'The Prospect in this War' dated 'B. H. L. H. 8th. [in one draft amended from '7th.'] November, 1939.', and the 'P.S. to Memorandum of November 7th. [sic] 1939' dated '14th November 1939.'

This piece does not appear to have been published, and the only copy traced is in the Liddell Hart Papers at King's College London, with the original manuscript and an accompanying list of eighteen recipients including Lloyd George, H. G. Wells, and John Gordon of the Sunday Express, from whose papers the present two copies derive.

Typed Letter Signed ('B. H. Streeter') from the biblical scholar Burnett Hillman Streeter of Queen's College, Oxford, to 'Dear Major', responding at great length to criticisms of a book ('Foundations'?), discussing schism and the union of churches.

B. H. Streeter [Burnett Hillman Streeter] (1874-1937), Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, and biblical scholar
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Queen's College, Oxford. 3 May 1917.

4pp., 4to. Good, on lightly aged and worn paper. With numerous autograph emendations. A significant letter, in which Streeter carefully expounds his position on schism and the union of churches. Streeter divides his response into three numbered sections, the last of which is subdivided into three more. The first section discusses the question of whether the fact that the Church of England 'only allows Episcopally ordained persons to minister the sacraments' is only 'a matter of discipline and Church order'.

Coloured poster for 'Chess, Sutton Coldfield', advertising many products and services, headed 'SEE! Many prices REDUCED!!' and 'Fischer plays Spassky for the world Championship, probably June to July (venue not yet decided).'

[Baruch H. Wood, Proprietor and Editor, Chess (Sutton Coldfield) Ltd, founded 1935, printers, publishers, manufacturers, importers, exporters [Bobby Fischer versus Boris Spassky, Reykjavik, 1972]
Publication details: 
'CHESS, Sutton Coldfield, England is always sufficient address'. [1972.]

The poster printed on one side of a 50 x 36.5 cm piece of paper, in black, red and purple, with four photographs (chessmen, clocks, demonstration board, and miniature set). Folded three times. In good condition, on aged paper, with pinholes to the edges and 'ALL ENQUIRIES TO MR MCCARTHY LAB ONE.' in red ink at foot.

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