Autograph Letter in the third person to 'Mr Twining'.

Richard Westmacott (1799-1872), English sculptor
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31 January 1862; 1 Kensington Gate.
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12mo, 2 pp, 18 lines. Good, on lightly aged and creased paper. 'Mr. Westmacott presents his Compts and has to acknowledge Mr Twinings polite letter'. Its delivery has been delayed 'owing to its incorrect address', 'Mr W. having left Wilton <& Co.?>. (and quitted the practice of his profession) for some years'. As for 'Engravings and Photographs' of Westmacott's works, 'very few were made'. Most of these were 'ill done', although he does name one with which he was satisfied. Consequently Westmacott cannot 'assist Mr. Twining in his object'. Had he any himself 'he might be able to offer them to Mr. T.' For many years Westmacott lived at his father's house in Wilton Place, and the phrase in the letter may read 'left Wilton Pl.', but it is unclear, and from the context is more likely to refer to the firm of solicitors for which Westmacott worked before being pressed by his father to become a sculptor.