[Sophie-Ernestine de Tott, French émigrée artist.] Signed Autograph order for David Morier to pay Gregorio Francisco de Queiroz for Francisco Bartolozzi’s engraving of her painting of the Prince de Condé. With de Queiroz’s signed receipt.

Sophie-Ernestine de Tott (1758-1848), French émigrée artist; Gregorio Francisco de Queiroz (1768-1845), Portuguese engraver, pupil to Francesco Bartolozzi (1727-1815) [David Morier, banker]
Gregorio Francisco de Queiroz
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Signed order by de Tott: ‘No. 13. Princes Street hanover Square / a Londres - ce 16. Juin 1802 -’. Receipt signed by de Queiroz: 16 June 1802; no place.
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A nice set of documents relating to the London émigré art scene. A copy of the engraved portrait to which these two items refer, titled ‘Louis Joseph de Bourbon, prince de Condé, prince du sang’, is BM P&D 1850,0211.17, and carries the information M.de de Tott pinx., F. Bartolozzi RA sculp., and her details, as publisher: London Publish'd by M.de de Tott Octo. 1 1802. De Tott’s original painting is in the Musée Condé in Paris. See Bartolozzi’s entry in the Oxford DNB and the second (1885) edition of Tuer’s monograph on him. The two items are attached with a wafer at top inner corner. ONE (signed order by de Tott): On one side of 16.5 x 10.5 slip of laid paper. On reverse, in her hand: ‘le Monsieur David Morier / No. 10. Tokenhouse yard / Lothbury -’. In good condition, lightly aged, apart from a clean closed tear made by scissors on opening the wafer, unobtrusively cutting between the ‘de’ and ‘Tott’ of her signature. Reads: ‘Je prie Monsieur David Morier de vouloir bien remêttre Cent Livres Sterling pour mon Compte, a Mr. G. F. de Queiros, [sic] Eleve de Mr. F. Bartolozzi, qui doit les recevoir au nom de Mr. F. Bartolozzi. pour La moitié du payement de La Gravure qu’il fait, pour moi, du portrait de Mr. Le Pce. de Condé. / Sophie Ernestine Ctesse de Tott’. TWO (receipt signed by de Queiroz): On one side of 20 x 7.5 slip of laid paper, with blind-stamped tax stamp. Only the signature is in de Queiroz’ hand. Reads: ‘Recd. 16 June 1802 One hundred Pounds on acct. of Madame de Tott for the use of Mr. Fras. Bartolozzi (as Pr annexed Order) / Gregorio Franco. de Queiroz / £100 -’. See Image.