[ British Army: Edwardian physical training booklet. ] Table Card containing Tables of Exercises for the Physical Training of Recruits, and the Physical Exercise of Trained Soldiers

British Army: Edwardian physical training booklet [ H.M.S.O.; Harrison and Sons, London ]
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'Army Form A 2025', dated 'March, 1908.' [ 150,000 copies printed by 'H & S' (i.e. Harrison & Sons, London) in '5/08' (i.e. May 1908). ]
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Printed on both sides of a 15 x 135 cm strip of paper, concertina-folded to make 30pp., with each page on a 15 x 9 cm panel. A scarce survival, on aged and worn paper. No illustrations, but detailed entries in small print. One side carries 10pp of 'Cavalry and Artillery Recruits' Physical Training Tables', 4pp of 'Trained Solders' Physical Exercise Tables' and the title. The other side carries 14pp of 'Infantry Recruits/ Physical Training Tables' and one page of 'Abbreviations, etc.' No other copy traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC, although the Dutch National Military Museum does hold a copy of a 'Provisional' item with the same title, dated to April 1907.