[Lord Charles Somerset and George Rose, Joint Paymasters General of the Forces.] Both men's Autograph Signatures, with those of witnesses Henry Hallam, William Stewart Rose, Henry Wrottesley and [Mark?] Blyth, to document appointing attorneys.

George Rose (1744-1818) and Lord Charles Somerset (1767-1831), Joint Paymasters General of the Forces; Henry Hallam, historian; William Stewart Rose; Henry Wrottesley; [Mark?] Blyth
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'this 8th. day of November one Thousand Eight Hundred and five, in the forty Sixth Year o f His Majesty's Reign'.

For information about George Rose (1744-1818) and Lord Charles Somerset (1767-1831) see their entries in the Oxford DNB. The two men served as Joint Paymasters General of the Forces, 1804-1806. Rose, who was a close friend of Lord Nelson, was mocked by Cobbett for enriching his family at the public expense. The present document, witnessed by one of his second sons the poet William Stewart Rose (1775-1843), appoints his eldest son, the future Sir George Henry Rose, (1771-1855), as one of the two attorneys of his office.

[ 'Mrs. George Wrottesley' [ Margaret Anne Wrottesley ], journalist and daughter of Sir John Fox Burgoyne. ] Autograph Letter in the third person to 'Mr Lacy' [ theatrical bookseller Thomas Hailes Lacy ], regarding copies of two plays.

'Mrs George Wrottesley' [ Margaret Anne Wrottesley, nee Margaret Anne Burgoyne ] (c.1832-1883), journalist ('M. A. B.'), daughter of Sir John Fox Burgoyne [ Thomas Hailes Lacy, theatrical bookseller ]
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Wrottesley, Wolverhampton. 10 February 1864.

See Mrs George Wrottesley's obituary in The Times, 10 May 1883, in which she is praised for 'her undaunted courage and unshaken endurance of difficulties displayed repeatedly during her father's mission to the East' in 1854. 1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. The main body of the letter reads: 'Mrs. George Wrottesley will feel much obliged to Mr Lacy if he will send her a copy of the play of | "The Wonder" - | The address is to | The Honble. | Mrs. George Wrottesley | Wrottesley | Wolverhampton'. At the head of the letter she adds a query concerning 'the play of Donna Diana'.

Autograph Note in the third person, with signature ('Wrothsley') on frank.

Sir John Wrothsley [Wrottesley; James Ridgeway, bookseller, Piccadilly, London]
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9 September 1835 [Doncaster].

12mo, 1 p. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with thin strip of stub adhering to the reverse of the second leaf. Reads 'Sir John Wrothsley requests Mr. Ridgway will direct his Newspapers [corrected from 'Letters'] Post Office Scarborough. The frank reads 'Doncaster September ten 1835 | Mr. Ridgway | Piccadilly | London | [signed] Wrothsley'. Divided circular Doncaster postmark in black, and frank ('FREE | 11SEP11| 1835') in red.

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