[ Manuscript; auction ] Roup Roll of the Farm Stocking Household Furniture etc. sold at Findon 13 Nov. 1820.

[ Findon, Aberdeenshire ]
Roup Roll
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[ Findon, Aberdeenshire, 13 November 1820
Roup Roll

Five-page list of items, fold marks, some dusting, fair condition. Lots, Buyers and Prices (see image). From Scythe and rake to horses and potatoes.

[ Stephen Austin, Hertford printer, proprietor of the Hertfordshire Mercury. ] Autograph Letter Signed to Alexander Ramsay, offering to help promote 'The Scientific Roll', although Hertford is 'not a Literary or Scientific locality!'

Stephen Austin (1804-1892), Hertford stationer and printer, proprietor of the Hertfordshire Mercury [ Alexander Ramsay, editor of 'The Scientific Roll' ]
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On his Hertford letterhead. 10 November 1881.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The letter begins: 'It would afford me very great pleasure to help you in the matter of "The Scientific Roll" This is not a Literary or Scientific locality! and we have given up our Booksellers' Shop'. If Ramsay will send 'a copy of the numbers printed', he will 'give a notice in the "Hertfordshire Mercury" and perhaps that will make it known and induce people to take it.' The Austin family continued to run the Hertfordshire Mercury until the 1980s.

[ Sir William Huggins, astronomer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('William Huggins') [ to Alexander Ramsay, editor of the 'Scientific Roll' ], regarding 'one small correction' necessary in 'the spare proof'.

Sir William Huggins (1824-1910), pioneer, with his wife Margaret Lindsay Huggins, in the field of astronomical spectroscopy [ Alexander Ramsay, editor of the 'Scientific Roll' ]
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On letterhead of 90 Upper Tulse Hill, S.W. [ London ] 22 May 1892.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. He begins: 'On taking up the spare proof I find one small correction which should have been made'. He describes the correction that needs to be made on 'page 5 of th proof 13th line from bottom'. Ramsay is not named, but the item is from his papers.

[ David Pearce Penhallow, botanist. ] Autograph Letter Signed to A[lexander]. Ramsay, regarding his 'Scientific Roll', and Penhallow's 'Paper on Peach Yellows'.

David Pearce Penhallow (1854-1910), Canadian-American botanist and paleobotanist, holder of the Macdonald Chair of Botany at McGill University [ Alexander Ramsay, editor of the 'Scientific Roll' ]
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73 Mansfield Street, Montreal, Canada. 12 September 1883.

2pp., 8vo. He will send copies of his reports to 'Dr. Henslow at an early date'. He continues: 'I very much regret that your most admirable work is meeting with so little encouragement and will do what I can by giving you my name for your publication under the titles of "Plants generally" & "Plants in Classifying Groups'. He concludes by discussing his 'Paper on Peach yellows', which 'seems to have been quite opportune here as our edition of 1000 is nearly exhausted.?>

[ Jacob Bronowski, mathematician, historian of science and polymath. ] Duplicated draft typescript of his essay 'The Disestablishment of Science', with signed authorship inscription to the economist Eric Roll, asking for help.

Jacob Bronowski (1908-1974), Anglo-Polish mathematician, historian of science, author and polymath [ Eric Roll (1907-2005), Baron Roll of Ipsden, economics and banker ]
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Typescript without place or date. Inscription dated 1 December 1970.

[1] + 22pp., 8vo. On 23 leaves stapled together. In fair condition, aged and worn. The covering page, with title 'THE DISESTABLISHMENT OF SCIENCE | J. Bronowski', carries a synopsis of Bronowski's argument: 'Scientists have a duty to act as the conscience of society by always speaking the truth. They can do that only if they dissociate themselves from the apparatus of state.' Inscription on covering page: 'Eric Roll | - in the hope that you can help me with the unfinished, financial ideas at the end - | Jacob Bronowski 1 Dec 70'.

Collection of printed material by the Official Buddy Holly Appreciation Society, England, including membership cards, newsletters, publicity photographs, biographies, lists of recordings, facsimile letter from Holly's parents, fake concert poster.

Buddy Holly and The Crickets [The Official Buddy Holly Appreciation Society, England; Mr and Mrs L. O. Holley]
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Dating from between 1961 and 1965.

Following the singer's death in 1959 Johnny C. Beecher relaunched Holly's official English fan club, helping to keep his reputation alive at a time when he was practically forgotten in America. As Beecher stated in an interview, he kept 'in touch with Buddy's parents, Ella and L.O., and I can say that without them it wouldn't have been possible, as they sent us all sorts of information and photographs that kept up our enthusiasm. The Crickets also helped out and were pretty nice considering all we ever asked 'em was, "What was Buddy really like." Despite that, we became pals.

Circular typed letter with individualised additions from E. Deaville to (in this instance) J.A. Thompson, asking for information for "De Ruvignys Roll of Honour 1914-1918"..

E. Deaville, secretary, The Standard Art Book Co. Ltd [First World War]
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[Headed] The Standard Art Book Co., Ltd ..., 25 March 1918.

One page, cr. 8vo, numerous pinpricks, sl. chipping, small stain around pinprick, pinpricks cause textual loss to a column describing the book, but the main body of the letter is unaffected. It describes the project "to perpetuate the memory of all those officers and men who have given their lives for their Country, and invites J.A. Thompson to provide information for an entry for "Major R.L. Thompson". Otherwise only basic information will appear. A War Savings certificate has been tipped on to the letter obscuring some information about the book.

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