Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Mitford') to his cousin Margaret.

J. Mitford [Walter Horsley (b.1855), illustrator]
Publication details: 
2 June 1885; on embossed Post Office letterhead.

Two pages, 12mo. Good. Horsley has 'promised to do the illustration as soon as he possibly can'. Mitford has 'told him the sort of thing which was needed, and he seemed to take it in quite clearly, and I also impressed upon him that the time is short for the completion of the book.' Hopes he will see her at 65 Prince's Square.

Sealed indenture: 'Appointment in fee [by Listowel to Oakes] of No. 3 Prince's Terrace Hyde Park in the County of Middlesex'.

William Hare, 2nd Earl of Listowel; William Hare, Viscount Ennismore; Orbell Oakes.
Publication details: 
4 August 1855; [London].

Listowel was an Anglo-Irish peer (1801-56) and Member of Parliament for Kerry, 1825-30. Ennismore (1833-1924) was his son, later 4th Earl of Listowel. Orbell Oakes, builder of Nowton Court in Bury St Edmunds, was son of the Bury banker James Oakes, and Receiver of Taxes to the West Division. On one side each of four sheets of vellum, dimensions roughly twenty-seven inches by twenty-two inches, each bearing a tax stamp. Signed and witnessed on the reverse of the last sheet. Schedule detailing leases, feoffments, fines and mortgages between 1813 and 1855.

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