['Pam Chelsea', 1920s London entertainer.] Autograph Magazine Article, signed ('(MR) Pam Chelsea'), titled '"On Tour" | A Magic Phrase - & what It means to The Small Theatrical Artiste' (on those working in small revues, concert parties, road shows).

'Pam Chelsea', 1920s 'Small Theatrical Artiste' from London [revues, concert parties, road shows, music hall, variety]
Publication details: 
No date, but 1920s. Author: '(MR) Pam Chelsea | 9 Redburn Street | Chelsea SW3' [London].

No information regarding 'Pam Chelsea' (female impersonator?) has been discovered, but the appearance of the document, and its presence in a batch of material relating to 1920s entertainment and broadcasting, date it to that period. 5pp, folio. 'No. of words. 1,063.' Written in a bold hand. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. The article was clearly accepted for publication, as '£1 11. 6 paid' is written at the top of the first page, and '5 line drop cap' at the start of the article.

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