Typed Letter Signed from the American historian Albert J. Beveridge to Charles Gallup. With a transcript, in another hand, of a passage from Beveridge's article 'Pitfalls of a "League of Nations" (North American Review, 1882), signed by Beveridge.

Albert J. Beveridge [Albert Jeremiah Beveridge] (1862-1927), American historian and United States Senator from Indiana [Charles Gallup; Chief Justice John Marshall; the League of Nations]
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Letter on letterhead of Beverly Farms, Massachusetts; 10 October 1919. Transcript made around the same time.

Both items neatly tipped-in onto a leaf from an album. Both in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The letter is 1p., 8vo. Beveridge begins by explaining that he is late answering Gallup's letter because he has been 'working so hard for many months to finish the last two volumes of my "Life of John Marshall" that I have been forced to neglect all correspondence'. He is enclosing 'the quotation, autographed as requested'. He is glad Gallup liked the article, and 'flattered by your too partial words'.

Yr American; yn Cynwys Nodau ar Daith O Ddyffryn Ohio i Gymru golwg ar Dalaeth Ohio, Hanes Sefydliadau Cymreig yn America . . .

B.W. Chidlaw, A.M.
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Llanrwst: Argraffwyd, Gan John Jones, 1840.

48pp., 12mo, unopened save title, original green wrappers, chipped, good condition"Yr Ail Argraffiad" (Second edition - no record found of a "First"). The author, in a "Notice" (the only English in the work), says "I have disposed of my Book called "The American," to Mr. J. Jones Printer, Llanrwst, and grant to him all the right and Claim to the same. / B.W. Chidlaw, A.M. / Paddy's Run, Ohio. / Llanrwst Decr. 25, 1839. The purpose of the pamphlet is to encourage Welsh emigration to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois at an interesting time.

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