[Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley.] Mimeographed Typescripts of fourteen unpublished lectures by physicists including Nobel Prize winners Luis Alvarez, Edwin McMillan, Emilio Segrê, forming syllabus 'Physics 290(f)'.

Luis Alvarez, Edwin McMillan, Emilio Segrê: Nobel Prize winning physicists; Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley; Burton J. Moyer; Herbert Frank York [Manhatten Project]
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[Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley.] Circa 1950 [with last dated reference November 1949].

Mimeographed typescripts of fourteen unpublished lectures forming the syllabus for the Berkeley course in experimental physics 'Physics 290(f)'. Undated, but delivered circa 1950 (the latest date among the bibliographical references to the lectures being November 1949). Details of the lectures are given below.

[ Emilio Marolda, ] Elegant engraved ticket of invitation, illustrated with six cherubs, inviting 'Mr. George Bodleys' [ Gothic Revival architect George Frederick Bodley ] to the 'Fête d'Ouverture' of his 'nouvel [sic] atelier' in London.

Emilio Marolda, Sicilian interior designer, artist and decorator [ George Frederick Bodley (1827-1907), Gothic revival architect ]
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74a Margaret Street, Cavendish Square [London]. Thursday 1 July [c.1881?].

Printed in black on one side of 13.5 x 18.5 cm card. Plate dimensions 11.5 x 16 cm. Aged and spotted. An attractive and elegant production with both illustration and text engraved. The illustration, with engraved signature of 'E Marolda' shows six putti playing with a string of foliage, with one in the bottom left-hand corner swathed in ribbon and standing beside an architectural feature. The text reads: 'Les Muses réunies prient ['Mr. George Bodleys' inserted in mansucript] de vouloir bien honorer de ['sa' inserted] presence le nouvel atelier de Sigr.

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