Proof of a printed prospectus for the British Piscicultural Company, Limited, 'formed for the purpose of carrying out on a large scale and on commercial principles in this country, the modern system of propagating fresh water and marine fish'.

[The British Piscicultural Company, Limited.; Jean Jacques Marie Cyprien Victor Coste (1807-1873)]
Publication details: 
Undated, but the company 'Incorporated under the Companies' Act, 1862.'

On both sides of a folio leaf (dimensions 42 x 26.5 cm). On aged and lightly creased and spotted paper. Proposing to raise 'CAPITAL, £50,000, in 5,000 SHARES of £10 each.' Details of Directors; Bankers; Auditors; Brokers; Solicitors; Secretary, (pro tem.); and Offices left blank.

Offprint titled 'Observations on the rearing, migration, transport, feeding, ages, and growth of eels. By Mons. Coste.'

Jean Jacques Marie Cyprien Victor Coste (1807-1873) [eel fishing; eels; farming; farms; piscatory; angling; anglers]
Publication details: 
(From THE FIELD, June 19, 1858.)

12mo bifolium: 4 pp. Printed on grey paper. Very good. Small print.

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