Offprint titled 'Observations on the rearing, migration, transport, feeding, ages, and growth of eels. By Mons. Coste.'

Jean Jacques Marie Cyprien Victor Coste (1807-1873) [eel fishing; eels; farming; farms; piscatory; angling; anglers]
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(From THE FIELD, June 19, 1858.)
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12mo bifolium: 4 pp. Printed on grey paper. Very good. Small print. Detailed exposition, giving 'practical facts and information on eels', with subheadings: 'Migration of the fry of eels.'; 'Transport of the migrating fry of eels.'; 'The feeding of eels, and the sizes to which they attain in a given time.' The introduction states that eels are 'the most productive of all fish to cultivate, on an extensive scale, in all waters', and that they 'could be distributed along all the canals of the kingdom, and from the canals all other lakes and ponds might be supplied, and be sent to Tasmania, &c.'