[ Georges Braque; Cubism; Catalogue; extensively annotated in pencil by Welsh Artist, John Bromfield Gay Rees ] Georges Braque. An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings from collections in England: with lithographs 1909-1953

[ICA Gallery] Georges Braque [(1882–1963), 20th-century French painter, collagist, draughtsman, printmaker and sculptor.]
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ICA Gallery, 17-18 Dover Street, W1, 15 May-3 July 1954

Catalogue, 12 unnumbered pages, illustrations, 16 x 17 cm, front cover (with Braque drawing he has sent specially for use as a poster and on the cover of the catalogue) grubby, staples rusty, ow fair. John Bromfield Gay Rees has covered the inside covers and back cover with rough drawings of what he has seen (2) with colours indicated, and every page of the catalogue including inside covers and back cover, has, usually, a substantial number of notes in his minute hand, giving responses and details. See image.

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