[ Sir Archibald Spicer Hurd, naval authority. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('A S H.') to 'Mr Service' (of the publishers Seeley & Co.), complaining about the severity of a proposed contract for a series of articles.

Sir Archibald Spicer Hurd (1869-1959) [ Seeley, Service and Co., London publishers ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 6 Stafford Terrace, Plymouth.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Written in pencil. A long and interesting complaint, casting an interesting light on the journalistic practices of the period. Hurd begins without preamble, pointing out, with reference to a previous letter, that he 'never promised 35000 words', and stating that the publisher 'would doubtless be able to put in a few extra illustrations to fill it out'.

Contracts, agreements and Autograph and Typed Letters Signed relating to the publication of "The New London Spy", including twenty-one contracts with the Autograph Signatures of most of the contributors.

The New London Spy, ed. Hunter Davies
Publication details: 
London, 1965-71.

Most of the documents are typewritten on A4, some are creased and torn but the overall condition is good. A fascinating glimpse into the world of sixties publishing. Three-page typewritten contract between Hunter Davies and Anthony Blond Ltd initialled on each leaf by Davies and with his autograph signature on the last leaf, together with agreements relating to foreign and paperback rights with Holt-Blond Ltd, Corgi and Bantam Books, Sugar Editore and Editions Robert Laffont. Five Autograph Letters Signed, Three Typed Letters Signed and twenty-one contracts.

Memorandums of Agreement and other documents relating to the publication of three novels.

David Benedictus, English author (born 1938) [Anthony Blond Ltd; E. P. Dutton Inc.; publishing agreements]
Publication details: 
1963 to 1971.

The collection is in very good condition, though items are lightly creased and a tad grubby. ITEM ONE: Memorandum of Agreement, 26 February 1963, between Anthony Blond Limited and Benedictus (of 'Winter Lodge, Cookham Dean, Berkshire'), for 'You're a Big Boy now' (published by Blond in 1963). Signed; initialed 'D. H. B.' [David Henry Benedictus] twice. Three pages, folio. Staple attached at head of first leaf of bifolium. Advance of £250 and discussion of royalties and percentages.

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