[ Printed illustrated newsletter. ] Old Girls' Association. Albemarle House, Wimbledon Common. [ With 'List of Members, 1931' and '1931 Chronicle'. ]

Albemarle House Girls School, Wimbledon Common [ Miss Parratt; Mrs. Hugh Wallace, II (Gertrude Watts); Miss M. Notley; Mrs. Tom Mott (Helga Baumann); Miss Irene Fenwick ]
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Albemarle House, Wimbledon Common. Undated [ with 'List of Members, 1931.' ]

Scarce: no other copy traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC. 16pp., 12mo. With an additional two central pages of illustrations on shiny art paper. Stapled and unbound. In fair condition, aged and worn, with light pen mark at foot of cover. A final page headed 'A Sunset Abroad. | (From a Tourist's Diary)' is preceded by eight numbered sections: 'List of Members, 1931' (pp.3-5); '1931 Chronicle' (pp.6-9); 'Other News', 'Obituary', 'The Old Albemarlian Association', 'The Year at Albemarle' (pp.11-14), 'Games Notice' and 'Editor's Notes'. On the final page is an appeal for 'St.

Autograph Letter Signed to [Clement] Shorter.

Arthur Anthony Baumann
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16 October 1918; on letterhead '44, HYDE PARK SQUARE. W.2.'

English author (1856-1936). 2 pages, 8vo. In good condition. As Shorter has sent his letter to Baumann's home instead of to 'the office of the paper' it will be too late to insert it that week, 'as the paper was practically made up when I left this afternoon'. There are three letters dealing with Shorter's first letter in that week's issue. As Shorter may want to reply to them he is returning the letter, 'which otherwise will be published next week'. 'A letter should reach the office (10 King St. Covent Garden) not later than noon on Wednesday.' Signed 'Arthur A. Baumann'.

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