Printed pamphlet: 'Agriculture'.

Peter Kropotkin [ James Tochatti, Liberty Press, Chiswick ]
Publication details: 
London: Printed and Published by James Tochatti, "Liberty" Press, Chiswick, W. 1896.

18 + [2]pp., 8vo. Disbound. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Two pages of advertisements at rear: the first carrying a list of titles in the 'Liberty Bookshelf' series, the second listing 'Liberty Pamphlets'. Now uncommon.

[ Pamphlet. ] Sensational Revelations! Life in English Prisons.

H. H. Duncan [ David Nicholl [ Sheffield Anarchist Group; the Walsall Anarchists ]
Publication details: 
'The Anarchist. Vol. 2 - No. 18. June, 1895.' Printed and Published by David Nicholl, 7, Broomhall Street, Sheffield.

16pp., 12mo. Disbound without covers. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with reverse of last leaf browned. Separate title-page, with only the following on it: 'SENSATIONAL REVELATIONS! | Life in | ENGLISH | PRISONS. | ONE PENNY.' Drophead title on p.3 with details of 'The Anarchist'. Duncan's article runs from p.4 to p.8, and is titled: 'Life in English Prisons. | The First Night in the Cells.

[ Pamphlet; Anarchism ] The Chicago Anarchists. A Statement of Facts

Edward Aveling, Eleanor Marx Aveling
Publication details: 
Reprinted from "TO-DAY" (November 1887. W. Reeves, 185 Fleet St., EC.

8pp., 8vo, disbound, lacking wraps, minor marking, good condition.

[ Rossetti ] Autograph Note Signed "Olivia Rossetti" to "Dr Rukes[?]".

Olivia Rossetti [ Olivia Rossetti Agresti ] (1875–1960), activist, author, editor, and interpreter. member of one of England's most prominent artistic and literary families
Publication details: 
[Printed heading] 3 St Edmund's Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. [no date].

One page, 12mo, black border, speckled (foxing?) and smudged, text clear although hand difficult. She tahnks him for enquiries and tells him all are "fairly well". She has heard form a Mrs Coben that "Coben is very ill" and encourages him to visit him, giving him directions and expressing sympathy with the wife.

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