[Edmund Thomas Parris, Victorian history and panorama painter.] Autograph Letter Signed ('E. T.. Parris'), informing 'J: [Duffane?] Esqre', that he is sending an account of his 'apparatus' for restoring Thornhill's paintings in St Paul's Cathedral.

Edmund Thomas Parris (1793-1873), history and panorama painter, History Painter to Queen Adelaide [St Paul's Cathedral; Thornhill; Samuel Carter Hall (S. C. Hall), editor of Art Journal]
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12 April 1853. 5 Aubrey Villas, Notting Hill [London].
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See Parris's entry in the Oxford DNB. The subject of the letter is his work 'restoring' James Thornhill's paintings inside the dome of St Paul's Cathedral. Beginning in 1853 and ending three years later, Parris worked on scaffolding he had designed for the purpose thirty years before. His efforts were not well received: he was accused of completely repainting Thornhill's work, to its detriment. 1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged and creased, with minor traces of mount adhering to the blank reverse. Folded twice. Having received the recipient's 'favor', he begins by sending his 'regards to Mr and Mrs Hall', i.e. Samuel Carter Hall (1800-1889), editor of the of the Art Journal and New Monthly Magazine, and his wife Anna Maria Hall (1800-1881). From the context of the letter it would appear that Duffane has requested information for an article for one of the two magazines of which Hall is editor. He is sending 'a very rough & hastily scrawl'd account of my apparatus &c at St Pauls, which You may perhaps distil something from'. He points out that the account he is sending 'is quite different from what has recently appear'd in the Times &c'. He feels that 'the shortest notice will be most advisable', but asks him to 'make what You please out of it'. The letter ends: 'I am at the Cathedral every day and shall be glad to shew You all particulars if you will enquire for me any time you are passing'.