[ Sir Thomas Edward Thorpe, British chemist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('T. E. Thorpe') to 'Mrs. Green' [ Wilhelmina Maria Green ], offering encouragement and support for the publication of a scientific paper by her.

Sir T. E. Thorpe [ Sir Thomas Edward Thorpe ] (1845-1925), British chemist, Principal of Somerset House Laboratory, and President of the British Association and Society of Chemical Industry
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'Headingley [ Yorkshire ]. 20 May 1885.
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The item is from the papers of the second wife of the geologist Alexander Henry Green (1832-1896), previously Miss Wilhelmina Maria Armstrong of Clifton. 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. An interesting letter, indicating a positive and encouraging response from a member of the Victorian scientific establishment to a female worker in the field. The letter begins: 'Dear Mrs. Green. | Enclosed are two notes from Dr. Armstrong relative to your paper. As I informed you I thought there was just a doubt whether the paper was exactly of a style for the Chem. Soc. Journ. I trust you will not imagine for a moment that either Dr. Hugo Müller or Dr. Armstrong think the paper in any sense below par.' He assures her that neither man intends her to believe so. 'Mr. Crookes of the Chemical News would be very happy to take it - & I am sure the medical papers would – or if you thought fit we might send it to the British Association at Aberdeen. In any case there need be no difficulty about publication.' The paper is 'too neat a piece of work to be buried'. He will turn the matter over in his mind, and let her know what he thinks is the best course of action, and asks her to let him know what she would prefer.