[ Two Devon circulating libraries. ] Printed labels of 'Knighton's Circulating Library, Dawlish.' and of the 'Circulating Library, Dawlish' of 'Crowther, Bookseller'.

Knighton's Circulating Library, Dawlish [ John Knighton; Devon; Devonshire ]; Ann Gildburn Crowther, Circulating Library, of The Strand, Dawlish
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ONE: [ John Knighton, Permont [now 'Piermont'] Row, Dawlish, Devon. ] Circa 1830. TWO: Ann Gildburn Crowther, The Strand, Dawlish, Devon. Circa 1850.
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ONE (Knighton): 3 x 6 cm. In fair condition, aged and worn, laid down on a small piece of cream paper. A workmanlike production, within a wavy border. Reads: 'KNIGHTON's | Circulating Library, | DAWLISH.' BBTI records Knighton as active between 1828 and 1830. TWO (Crowther): 7 x 9.5 cm. In fair condition, lightly aged. Within decorative border, and reading: 'CIRCULATING LIBRARY, | DAWLISH. | CROWTHER, | BOOK-SELLER, | AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF | FANCY STATIONERY, | Toys, Berlin Patterns, German Wools. | Brushes, Fancy Turnery, Cutlery, Perfumery, &c. &c.' BBTI records Crowther as active before 1848 and after 1856.