[Satirical handbill obituary referring to the London Conference of 1864.] Lost, Stolen, or Strayed, The British Lion.

[London Conference of 1864; Second Schleswig War; The Schleswig-Holstein Question; Denmark; Prussia]
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Without place or date [London, 1864.].
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Printed on one side of a piece of 17 x 12 cm paper. Aged and worn, and trimmed down. Reminiscent of another Victorian spoof obituary - that which led to the Ashes cricket series between England and Australia - the full text reads: 'LOST, STOLEN, OR STRAYED, | THE | BRITISH LION. | Whoever finds him is hereby requested to KEEP him, as he is no longer of any use. | N.B. - He was last seen with his Tail between his Legs. | Obituary. | On Monday, the 27th inst., of a severe attack of Non-intervention and Court intrigue, | THE | BRITISH LION, | His end was - Peace ! ! | It is generally understood that his ?Doctors had not the nerve to undertake the measures that would have saved him. He leaves as a Legacy to Denmark his Best Wishes. | RESURGAM?' As Carsten Due-Nielsen explains in his essay in 'Britain and Denmark: Political, Economic and Cultural Relations' (ed. Sevaldsen et al.), 'At the 1864 London Conference on Slesvig-Holstein, the Danish government thought that Britain had deserted the Danish cause, and public opinion in Denmark concurred with this view.' Scarce: no copy traced on COPAC or WorldCat.