'Burgess Ticket' for town of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, made out in manuscript on vellum, with armorial design in colours, for Captain James Kennedy, 1st Regiment, Royal Lanarkshire Local Militia, with declaration by 'A Hamilton Cl[er]k'.

Alexander Hamilton, clerk of Hamilton, Lanarkshire [ Captain James Kennedy 1st Regiment, Royal Lanarkshire Local Militia; William Hamilton; John Torrance, Burgesses ]
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Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Declaration dated 13 July 1813.

On both sides of a piece of vellum roughly 21 x 15.5 cm. An unusual survival, aged and discoloured in the fashion customary with vellum. On the front is a design of an armorial shield encircled in draperies, in ink and colours (blue, red, yellow), beneath which are the words 'Burgess Ticket | for | Captain Kennedy 1 Regt Royal Lanarkshire Local Militia | 1813'.

[ Stuart family of Castlemilk and Torrance. ] Manuscript: 'Torrance Library | Copy List of Books forwarded to Sir Richard Harington | June 1916'.

The Torrance Library [ Stuart family of Castlemilk and Torrance, Lanarkshire, Scotland; Sir Richard Harington of Whitbourne Court, Worcester ]
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[ Torrance, Lanarkshire, Scotland. ] June 1916.

6pp., folio. On two bifoliums held together with pink ribbon. Folded into a packet and docketed. 56 books are listed, with author's names and dates of publication, and details of presentations and inscriptions, such as 'B P Stuart - Charlotte Stuart - The Gift of Robt. Harington' and 'Memo in Rob Harington's Handwriting'. Includes works in English, French and Italian, the earliest being Wright's 'Rutland', 1684 ('B P. Stuart of T. | Marianne Harrington [sic] 1834') and the latest O. M. Mitchell's 'Orbs of Heaven', 1853 ('R Harington'). From the Harington family papers.

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