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[ Richard Tauber, operatic tenor. ] 34 letters to him, almost all from German correspondents, including material relating to films and a charity concert. With unsigned copies of four of his replies. Also printed libretto of his musical 'Old Chelsea'

Richard Tauber [ born Richard Denemy, also called Ernst Seiffert ] (1892-1948), Austrian operatic tenor
Publication details: 
From England, Germany and Austria. Between 1928 and 1935. Libretto published in London in 1943.

Six of the letters are in autograph, the rest are typewritten, as are the carbons of the five letters from Tauber. Letters and copies total 49pp. All substantial letters, with content. The following description is divided into four parts. ONE: Thirteen letters, and a copy of one by Tauber, dating from between 1932 and 1934, all relating to the film industry. Correspondents are: Crescendo Theaterverlag, Berlin (regarding 'Die Dubarry'); Sonor-Film-Verwertungs, Berlin; Bosna-Film, Zagreb; Slaviafilm, Prague; and five letters, all from 1934, concerning the film 'Blossom Time', from the firm B.

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